Trekking in Ethiopia

The temperate climate, the grand mountain scenery, and the tradition of generous hospitality of the people, with which Ethiopia is blessed, make the Ethiopian highlands superb trekking sites.

Trekking in Ethiopia does not require any necessary skill, although it is obviously best if one is physically fit. Terrains are steep for only short periods, in which case it is necessary to walk than to ride. Much of the time, the trekking involves walking, even at altitudes as high as 4000 meters (13120 feet).

The principal well-established areas for trekking are the Simien, the Bale mountains national parks, the Adaba-Dodola Integrated Forest Management and the Meqet community trekking sites. More recent, lesser known, trekking areas, some only recently reconnoitered, are in the remote south-west highlands east and west of the Omo Valley, where strong and colorful cultures complement the appeal of scenery, flora and fauna.







Be sure that our travel was really enjoyable and we thank you a lot for the very nice organization and the well balancing of the tour. I promise you to travel back to Ethiopia in January 2015 for the Timkat festival in Lalibela and the Northern part. So, you can as soon as possible prepare our next tour! But as well balanced as the last one we did! Warm regards Véronique and Guy France, July 2013

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